Composite Decking Solutions

What goes into composite material? It’s something that is manmade, consisting of recycled wood fibers, as well as recycled plastic. It’s sturdy yet also malleable & its look is just stunning.

Let’s address the elephant in the room… Yes, the composite material that’s necessary to make this kind of deck almost certainly will cost you more than lumber materials. But, you really need to figure out what type of ongoing effort you want to have to keep on putting into this to keep your outdoor structure in pristine shape and lasting for many years. There are more than a couple incredible aspects of a composite deck, including:

  • Nearly maintenance free especially considering a wooden structure which needs sanding, etc.
  • Socks or bare feet, doesn’t matter! You won’t get splinters from composite material.
  • Much more tolerable of a surface when the sunlight is shining down on it
  • {Much longer usable life than wood|Lasts a lot more time than wood|Gives you an even longer useful life than wood|Lasts longer than wood|Composite’s useful life is so much longer than wood’s
  • No carpenter bees flying around it or moldy areas to get worked up about

If you love the look of a wood deck but do not desire the ongoing maintenance of it, you can still obtain the look you desire with a composite deck. Nowadays, the companies who make these materials have become really incredible at mimicking the natural wood look.

Is it time to obtain the composite deck you’ve always wanted? Then it’s time to give a shout to Custom Deck Pros of Colorado Springs now to set up your no-cost quote meeting! Our estimator’s schedule is booking out rapidly, so send us a message now!

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